As digital technologies dramatically reshape industry after industry, the way that business is conducted is shifting from monolithic, on-premise IT systems to a platform-based model: Market players take part in ecosystems to share data and services and assemble solutions from third-party components. The automotive industry is seeing this paradigm extend to its core product: the future of the vehicle itself is that of open platforms that will share data with a wide range of partners across an automotive ecosystem.

More than 90 representatives and experts of the automotive aftermarket & mobility sector followed the invitation of CARMUNICATION to join their workshop in Amsterdam on May 6-7.

Several international members of CARMUNICATION (including CARAT, FIGIEFA, Geotab, Groupauto International, Herth+Buss, topmotive and W3C) talked about their activities and expectations of receiving access to car data and securing the business of the independent automotive service and repair market in the future. This time the event was open to non-members of CARMUNICATION.

Our Head of International Business Henk Kromhout and Managing Director Alexander Haid shared experience in platform & data handling.

CARMUNICATION is a nonprofit association founded in 2016 and located in Vienna, Austria. They collect vehicle data and make it available to the association’s members on a data platform.