Our Head of Marketing, Christian Müller, was on stage at Zuora‘s Subscribed 2018 Conference in Munich on November 15. He introduced our neutral mobility data & service marketplace and outlined how companies can benefit from such a truly open ecosystem in front of the 300 interested participants.

Zuora CEO, Tien Tzuo, opend the event with his keynote regarding the ongoing shift from product to service economy, the end of ownership as we know it. This end of ownership is disrupting nearly every industry and it is happening in the mobility sector right now. It is a massive shift from being product oriented to focussing on services with a recurring revenue. The traditional value chain model is no longer valid. Companies must form value networks to be able to provide relevant services to their customers.

The key to master this end of ownership are truly open & neutral platforms. The Ecosystem Economy is the logical next step which is reflecting the underlying value networks.

Services are fueled by data which needs to be accessible

To provide these services the underlying data needs to be combined and therefore harmonised. The most valuable services need data which is generated from the user or respectively his car and enrich them with meta data provided by the company creating an unique service. As the automotive industry is quite oldschool this data is spread across fragmented, proprietary systems & interfaces not talking to each other. To master the challenge of this shift to service orientation this data needs to accessible leading to expansion of service portfolios & enhancement of the companies business processes. In the mobility sector the shift to service economy & therefore beeing more customer-centric is only the first step. To be able to create truly valuable and relevant services the underlying data within the industry needs to be clearly structured and easily accessible.

The logical next step is the Ecosystem Economy whis is truly reflecting the underlying value networks

That’s where our open & neutral marketplace comes in. We make it easy to search & compare data or services and customers to deal with. We provide an unified access to harmonised data & services leading to significant cost savings for all the players operating in this highly fragmented industry. All the data available on the platform is being harmonised to match into a precise data index, providing all partners full transparency of the exact data points available. This standardised data format means that service providers need only to integrate with us through our APIs once, rather than entering into many different relationships with automotive OEMs and other data providers, while also wrestling with a variety (and changing) array of data formats and categories across companies. Besides being able to enrich their services with the data available in the market our marketplace supports the monetisation of connected & static vehicle data and services, a completely new revenue stream.

The key to success here is a truly open & neutral ecosystem. That’s why we are focussing on providing the data brokering infrastructure and are not offering data or services ourselves. We are the enabler, not a competitor to our partners. This true neutrality is important and reflected in our shareholding too. We believe hat in order to build up a sustainable ecosystem its diversity, openness & neutrality must be reflected in the ownership structure too. Therefore each partner can decide whether he also wants to become a shareholder having a say in the business model or regarding our strategic objectives. A structure which truly sets us apart & leads the way to the next logical industry shift: The Ecosystem Economy.

It was great to see all the participants from different industries at Subscribed Munich being very interested in our open ecosystem approach and immediatly understanding it’s advantages. We are very happy to have teamed-up with Zuora and eager to continuesly exchange and learn from another in the future. Thanks for the great hospitality to the whole team!