Our Head of International Sales & Business Development, Henk Kromhout, joined the junior working group of GVA (JAK) to give them an update on our current activities as well as latest platform developments. After a nice get-together & networking evening at the Ulm Wine Festival there was a very well prepared & fruitful discussion the following day. It became pretty clear that Caruso, being backed and guided from the industry is THE way forward in monetising already existing data assets, fuelling (future) mobility services with the already available data & securing future access to in-vehicle data independent of technology.


We are pleased that we had the chance to catch up with you guys & looking forward building the connected mobility ecosystem together! JAK is a communication and integration platform for managers and junior staff from trade and industry. In a constantly changing market with ever more complex structures, the JAK thus provides an initial orientation for newcomers to the industry and basically gives all members the opportunity to exchange experiences. The JAK working group has also set itself the task of supporting the objectives of the GVA. In addition to regular information by the GVA office about the activities of the association, the JAK has the opportunity to participate directly through the seat and vote of the first chairman in the GVA’s commercial advisory board.