Our marketplace provides the necessary infrastructure to offer and buy standardised data and services in a secure environment. The platform performs functionalities for defining offers, subscribing to offers, monitoring consumption, utilising billing and payment services.

Technically it is structured into two separate layers: the Marketplace, a frontend application for interactive use by our partners, and the Delivery Engine, which takes care of the underlying data and service exchange between the partners’ backends.

Strong foundation for a harmonised data flow

We have developed a data catalogue to establish a proper structure for the marketplace. As part of the high-level architecture it structures data items (such as the current mileage/odometer value of a vehicle) along a broad hierarchy of categories. Our data catalogue is the foundation for the harmonised provision and consumption of data and covers all data items relevant for mobility use cases – regardless of whether these are very common or only available for selected models and makes. More information can be found in our study on the data needs for mobility services.

It all starts with the data and services of our partners: offer vs. request

A marketplace is all about offer and demand. Marketplace participants differentiate into providers and consumers but mostly they are both. They can place offers, containing a description of the data items included, their quality, coverage, as well as pricing and terms of use. If they are searching for specific data or services they can place a request which contains a description of the data items required as well as their necessary quality and coverage. Through our marketplace our partners are able to connect to a large range of different providers and consumers via a single point of access.

Bringing the right partners together

With our marketplace we are bringing many different companies across all sectors at the table. Our role is to make sure that they are able to find the right match for either selling their data or service to or receiving exactly what they need. Our matchmaking functionality ensures that providers are immediately connected to a large number of relevant consumers.If there is a perfect match between two parties Caruso automatically initiates the process.