Despite we have been all very busy during Automechanika week we sent our Head of Sales, Gwenael de Calan, to Hamburg on September 13th to enter the stage at Ernst & Young Future Mobility Platform 2018 discussing implications & opportunities of our open & neutral marketplace for Smart Cities together with Sixt, Hermes, IBM, e.GO Mobile AG & Cognata Ltd.

The mobility concepts of the future cannot be developed on their own. Companies from different industries and start-ups must work hand in hand to further develop and implement innovative technologies and digital business models.

Topics of the panel discussion included:

  • Increasing demand for intelligent mobility and freight transport in cities
  • The system has so far been inefficient due to Smart City requirements: many suppliers, many cars, underutilization. At the same time, however, demand for traffic and transport is on the rise.
  • Consequence: stress, traffic jams, air quality …., dissatisfied citizens or customers
  • Data and AI will in future contribute to significantly improving the efficiency of traffic and mobility in the Smart City
  • This requires a platform and a platform business model to serve supply and demand for (Smart City) data and services
  • At the beginning the “ecosystem” has to be found – who are the suppliers, who are the consumers, what are the benefits that are paid for?

Gwen really made an impact delivering best practice experience from our marketplace which is live & brokering data and services since November 2017 and also demonstrating that we already have an established business modell which is creating a win-win situation for data and service providers as well as consumers in the mobility ecosystem.