We kicked-off our student project in cooperation with our Technology Advisor Fraunhofer IESE and the University of Kaiserslautern. Fraunhofer IESE is organising a yearly “Capstone Project”, which brings together students with innovative companies within their partner network and we are more than happy to take the responsibility of mentoring eight master students for the next couple of month.

The overall idea is that the students are gathering hands-on industry experience and can put what they’ve learned into practice. Under our wings the students will learn what it takes to create digital products and how they best organise themselves as a team. Specifically we have quite an important task for them. We want them to explore suitable concepts for a Caruso Developer Portal, come up with a first design & prototype the required features. Our Dev-Team will extensively assist them with project management as well as requirements engineering.

As we are building a data brokering marketplace with a state of the art delivery engine a timely realisation of a developer community portal is crucial to expand our ecosystem letting developers familiarise with our APIs as well as better communicate our technical capabilities. We want to make interacting with Caruso as simple, intuitive, self-explanatory and straight-forward as possible by providing rich online ressources on our dev portal.

The preliminary results will be evaluated in the context of a public Hackathon at the Bitkom Smart Country Convention in Berlin on November 20-21. This allows sufficient time to incorporate feedback and new ideas for improvement of the developer community after the event. The final presentation will be held at the end of December in front of the Caruso management board.