We are the Marketplace for the

Mobility Ecosystem

A B2B brokering platform that does it all. Providing an open, neutral, state-of-the-art, secure and trusted marketplace for all participants. We make it easy to search & compare data and customers to deal with, the implementation is fast, legal, cost effective & reliable, operations and monitoring are transparent and on time.

The Marketplace

Unified access to harmonised data & services

Our platform generates significant cost savings for all the market players operating in the highly fragmented mobility ecosystem. Through a single point of access, partners will be able to connect to a large range of different suppliers and customers. All the data available on the platform is being harmonised to match into a precise data index, providing all partners full transparency of the exact data points available.
This standardised data format means that service providers need only integrate with us through our APIs once, rather than entering into many different relationships with automotive OEMs and other data providers, while also wrestling with a variety (and changing) array of data formats and categories across companies.

Stay ahead of the curve &

connect to our open platform

Our marketplace supports the monetisation of your connected & static vehicle data and services. We bring together all providers, harmonise their data, match them with customers and help identifying the market price for their offers – all independent of the respective technology (e.g., OBDII, Extended Vehicle).
We are focussing on providing the data brokering infrastructure and are not offering data or services ourselves. We are the enabler, not a competitor to our partners. This true neutrality is important & reflected in our shareholding too.

Live & Kicking

We provide live data & service connectivity to our partners since November 2017

Safe & Secure

State-of-the-Art scalability & security based on AWS Technology


Three top level data categories with 586+ data items (continuously growing)


User Consent Management Technology complies with GDPR & ExVe standards

What’s in it for you?

Let’s talk

Fair & non-discriminating access for all mobility service providers

Companies that have connected devices installed in vehicles or which are building automotive related databases should see their data as an asset monetising it through our marketplace.
Companies that want to leverage connected vehicle data, either aggregate or individual, can purchase this data from various providers on our platform.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Have a distribution channel for your in-vehicle generated data via an open and non-discriminating neutral server for third party service providers.

Telematic Service Providers

Enable your clients to share their data with other parties and give their connectivity solution a cannel for return of investment via Caruso. Enrich your solutions with other data sources or white-label services.

Parts Manufacturers

Learn and improve from the field data. Get access to running vehicles in real time & combine the data with vehicle information. Reduce costs by having the right data at hand, make your process more efficient, and explore new business opportunities.

Trade & Parts Supply

From push to pull: transform your distribution. Enrich your solution portfolio, capitalize on process efficiency gains & optimize the logistics of your supply chain with data acquired on Caruso.

Workshop Chains

Serve your customers digitally by having in-vehicle generated, vehicle information or business processes data & and expand your potential customer base by being visible on the marketplace.

Insurance Companies

Digitise and expand your service portfolio & that of your customers. Get near real-time data from vehicles and improve the data quality for internal analytics. Increase customer loyalty by thrid party services acquired via the marketplace.

Fleet, Rental & Leasing

Manage your vehicle assets, their total cost of ownership and the operational efficiency of your fleet. Get real-time alerts if necessary. Improve the user journey of the drivers by a truly digital experience.

Roadside Assistance

Get access to vehicle data in case of incidents: from vehicle location, safety recommendations, workshop bookings, or repair support on the spot.

Software & Service Providers

Distribute your white-label solutions to all players in the mobility ecosystem. Enrich your solution with data and services, explore new business opportunities and commercialise your software.

Our onboarding process is easy, simple and straightforward

Whether you want to consume or provide data – or do both, like the majority of our partners – it all starts with our partner agreement. That done you can explore available listings and make subscriptions using our harmonised REST interface to integrate and boost your use cases with all the available data & services.
If you want to monetise your assets you can easily create a listing including description, meta-data, pricing model and T&Cs of delivery.
We’ll tackle the technical integration together & after successful implementation you’ll let the data flow.

You need some guidance? – No Problem.

We support your journey to the mobility marketplace. With our experience from other onboardings, we can give you a head start and be your go-to-market accelerator. We help to shape and set goals & define KPIs, support in use case elicitation, documentation, prioritiation and help to pitch the business cases for internal decision making. We help you to brainstorm on new business models & opportunities by virtually bringing the whole Caruso partner network to the table. We identify strengths and weaknesses of existing organisational performance and processes with respect to ecosystems and platform economy.
What we can help you achieve

Monetising existing data | Expanding your service portfolio | Accessing in-vehicle data | Acquiring new customers | Increasing efficiency | Increasing customer loyalty


At the beginning we exchange all the relevant information about your current situation and goals you are trying to achieve.


Let's talk & share ideas and feedback about your possible use cases and we'll do the matchmaking with our existing partners.


We'll dive in deep and figure out all the necessary details & synchronise on tasks, backlog and timelines.


Get the party started: We run the onboarding agile: build, deliver, learn, and adjust for technical, commercial and legal topics.

Live Operation

Fasten your seatbelts! Onboarding is completed and we start brokering your data & services to the mobility ecosystem.

Based on a highly scalable cloud service stack ensuring reliability, performance and flexibility

We have invested heavily in the technical infrastructure to support a machine to machine flow of data in a standardised format in near real time, once a purchase or data subscription has been arranged.
Providing a secure platform and respecting the privacy of data owners is vital to the future success of the whole ecosystem. As a result, our platform is secure by design, built on AWS with Auth0 authentication, plus every data and service that a company wants to onboard is checked for GDPR-compliance.
Additionally, we developed a Oauth2-based infrastructure for end user consent management and consent propagation in a data logistic chain that stretches across several partners.