The Architecture Gathering 2018 will take place in Munich on October 10 and 11. Last year the event was a complete success with many participants, top-class speakers and great keynotes. Our CTO, Dr. Ulrich Keil will join forces with Dr. Matthias Naab from our Strategic Advisor Fraunhofer IESE in Kaiserslautern presenting their keynote:

Data, the new oil from and around cars:
Architectural experiences from the development of the Caruso data platform and the initiation of a digital ecosystem

Everyone is talking about digital transformation though it often remains an very abstract term. They are going to explain the role of architecture using a very concrete and real example: Caruso and our B2B data marketplace creating a digital ecosystem of data providers and consumers. They will share their experiences and insights about what makes architectural work particularly challenging when initiating digital ecosystems and platforms and how Caruso has solved key aspects. Core challenges are, for example, openness with simultaneous security and trust as well as high attractiveness for partners with simultaneous easy entry into the ecosystem.

Our CTO, Dr. Ulrich Keil will hold a joint keynote together with Dr. Matthias Naab& Dominik Rost from our Strategic Advisor Fraunhofer IESE in Kaiserslautern regarding the Consent Handling on our platform at the OOP Software Architecture Conference 2019 in Munich from January 21-25, 2019. There will be more than 140 keynotes in 5 days covering 12 thematic areas in 9 parallel tracks.

The OOP is an excellent platform for the joint exchange of experience and its panel discussions provide excellent opportunities to gain access to well-known topics through other methods. The different topics range from User Experience & Product Discovery and Real Artificial Intelligence, to Distributed Ledgers & Crypto Platforms and Modern Programming, to Enterprise Architecture Driving Digital and SocITy – FOO: IT Society & Future Evolution. We enjoyed the pleasant and productive atmosphere at OOP 2018 already and actively contributed with a talk by our Chief Ecosystem Architect Dr. Jens Knodel and Matthias Naab on our experiences on ramping up our ecosystem.