Our friends Matthias Naab & Dominik Rost from our technology advisor Fraunhofer IESE entered the stage at the Architecture Gathering 2018 in Munich

Matthias & Dominik were reporting from the software architects’ work in creating the ecosystem around our B2B data marketplace which involves continuous tension among business, legal, and technology to tackle key challenges like openess, trust, attractiveness for partners & low entry barriers.

We are very grateful for the fantastic cooperation with Fraunhofer IESE since Day 1 & very happy they presented our work as an excellent example of platform economy and ecosystem architecture to the attending software architects, product managers and innovators.

If you want to dive in deeper in what they were talking about have a look at their description below:

Platform economy is omnipresent for us today: Amazon, AirBnB, or Uber are examples of platforms known to nearly everyone. Their presence is mainly due to their face to the end customer. However, there are also many aspects of B2B in platform economy. This leads to ecosystems of partner organizations and their software systems connected through a central platform and the respective business models.

Caruso is a neutral B2B data and service market place around telematics services for drivers, vehicles, fleets of vehicles. Thus, Caruso establishes an ecosystem of parts suppliers, workshops, trade organizations, insurances, fleet and leasing organizations, and further companies of the automotive aftermarket. Building up the ecosystem is a key cornerstone of digital innovation of a traditional industry. This comes with many unknowns and requires a high degree of flexibility.

We share architecture experiences from establishing the ecosystem in the constant tension of business, legal, and technology. The way to a successful ecosystem leads us through many experiments and requires constant revision of decisions.

Key challenges are openness of the ecosystem with high security and trust at the same time. Further, growing an ecosystem requires a set of first high quality offerings on the market place and we continuously need to align the onboarded partners offering and consuming data and services. The ecosystem needs to be attractive for new partners, in particular in the early phase of startup.