Our Technical Product Manager, Taslim Arif, joined TU Automotive Europe in Munich on October 30-31. The topic that got the most attention in TU Automotive event was Mobility as a Service (MaaS). It was great to see that most companies in the automotive domain are accepting that we are in the process of a big shift and acknowledging to cope up with this changes.

At Caruso we are particularly happy to see this trend! We have positioned ourselves exactly at the core of this shift. Companies that are willing to create mobility services will be needing high-quality and harmonized data-sets that are relevant for their use-cases – pay as you drive, remote diagnostics, smart city and so on. Our marketplace will serve greatly to do the matchmaking of the data-providers and data-consumers and will deliver harmonised data. With this Caruso will support data-providers to do data-monetization. As open and neutral marketplace, we are happy to support companies to cope with the inevitable changes and create mobility services that we are not able to think of yet!

There were many discussions taking place regarding end user consent and GDPR compliance while exchanging personalised data in a B2B environment. Our platform is build GDPR compliant from the ground up. User consent for exchanging personalized data is taken into consideration with the utmost priority. Caruso is capable of exchanging data based on consent provided by the end-user and our approach makes sure all parties (data-provider, Caruso, data-consumer) have the necessary consent in a fully GDPR compliant way. It was great feeling to see that we took the privacy and security aspects very seriously even before GDPR came into effect.

Other important topics were 5G, personal digital voice assistances, car-sharing, electric vehicles, driverless vehicles and so on. It was pretty clear to everyone that mobility services will shape the automotive domain in the future. In order to bring MaaS to people, there is still a lot to do. It is also clear that nobody will be able to do it alone in this new world. Through discussions with many partners inside and outside the event, we got the confirmation that Caruso will be a key piece in this whole digital transformation and will actually act as fuel for the mobility services.