Our Head of Sales Gwenael de Calan participated in a half-day conference organized by the French automotive distribution and repair magazine “Journal de la Rechange et de la Réparation”. The event was held in the beautiful French capital on February 14, 2019.

The conference was all about the challenges currently being faced in the spare parts distribution business including consolidation among parts distributors, digitization of channels and interfaces as well as access to car-generated data.

Gwen talked about possible impacts of the connected car and extended vehicles technologies on the future of spare parts distribution. His presentation was followed by a Q&A round-table. The large interest of attendees, lively discussions and interesting presentations underscored the importance of the market trends.

Leading parts distribution organizations attended the conference including representatives of Autodistribution and IDLP, tier-1 parts manufacturer decision makers as well as trade associations such as FEDA, member of FIGIEFA, and CNPA.

How to tackle the challenges in spare parts distribution business? From push to pull: transformation in distribution is enabled by enriching solution portfolios, capitalization on process efficiency gains & optimization of the logistics of supply chain with data acquired on Caruso.

What have we got next? Keeping Gwen busy and strengthen our business relationships in France he will also join the second edition of Connect Aftermarket in Deauville, France on May 16-17 💙 🇫🇷