Once again it was time to share visions of the future of mobility, when the National Automotive Congress 0.0 was held in Amersfoort, The Netherlands on 17 May 2018. The event was dedicated to ‘Total Reset’ because the transition to emission-free driving, virtual showrooms and self-driven cars is turning the automotive industry upside down. This calls for a rethink of the sector starting at 0.0 or total reset. More than 20 top speakers from well-known companies including Peugeot NL, Mazda, Autobinck Group and Marktplaats were on the agenda. Around 500 visitors were inspired by content sessions on topics such as online retail, WLTP, after-sales telematics, customer loyalty, dieselgate and customer experience.

Our Managing Director Alexander Haid gave answers to the following questions: What is the significance of a neutral server for the car sector? Which data and services are already available on Caruso? What about use cases that have already been realised? He explained how Caruso enables the independent aftermarket to stay competitive and outlined the benefits for OEMs who provide data to Caruso. Once again, it was a perfect chance to draw attention to our mobility data and service marketplace!

The congress is an initiative of Mobility Media, the publisher of professional information for the mobility sector in the Netherlands, which includes the automotive business. For further information visit: https://automotivecongres.nl/