We successfully started our European Tour to present Caruso and our partner ecosystem with two events in Portugal & Spain. Our Head of SalesGwenael de Calan, has delivered a presentation on “The connectivity of the vehicles and the future aftersales” at the 29th ANECRA convention in Lisbon on Saturday 10th November in front of more than 300 participants of this great event. ANECRA is the largest trade association in the Portuguese automotive aftermarket, with about 3,500 members, most of them being independent repair workshops. Gwen also joined an expert panel discussions on the impact of digitization on the aftermarket, along with representatives from FIGIEFA, Solera and the energy group Prio.

The following Thursday, November 15th, Miguel Pérez Fernández, one of our senior software developers, joined Gwen at his home turf in Barcelona where they presented Caruso to the members of the Catalonian parts distributors association at the 6th Cira Congress. The whole event was focused on the future challenges and specificities of the spare parts trade. It has been a freat opportunity to share the experience that Caruso has gained collecting telematic data from various OEMs and Telematic Service providers. CIRA is the Catalonian parts distributors association, and the largest parts wholesalers association in Spain.

Despite their relatively old car parks, Spain and Portugal, together with Italy, have been quite dynamic markets when it comes to the deployment of telematic solutions, compared with the rest of Europe. Numerous insurance companies have been successfully launching ‘Pago como conduzco’ / pay-as-you-drive offers. Caruso partners are already offering several data sets and services covering the Iberian peninsula. We look at further growing our presence in Southern Europe with the support of the local representatives from our majority shareholder TecAlliance.