We’ve brought the whole Caruso team and some of our partners together under one roof at our two-day kick-off event on January 28-29 which took place in our development office in Mannheim and was dedicated to our latest marketplace release and what’s in the pipeline for 2019.

Day one started with an internal workshop discussing and reviewing significant developments of the past year. We rounded off the day in relaxed atmosphere with some of our partners who joined us for a little networking dinner.

Our marketplace is obviously all about its participants. With a deep understanding of our partners needs and wishes in mind, we design our marketplace and its functionalities as convenient (and easy to use) as possible. To do so one thing is key: Getting feedback & listen. Since mid of December 2018 our partners who are utilizing the platform had the opportunity to join our closed beta testing program of our latest marketplace build.

At our kick-off twenty of them participated in a detailed, moderated 1:1 User Experience Evaluation: What works well? Where do we see potential for improvement? We got a lot of helpful feedback on user comfort and satisfaction degree, effectiveness and efficiency.

We also involved our beta testers into the big question: What’s next? In a quick workshop we collected feedback regarding our feature roadmap & prioritized our findings together.

We are now wrapping it all up & make sure all the great feedback we got will feed into our next major release which we will proudly demonstrate at Caruso Partner Connect 2019. Thanks to everyone of our partners for taking part in our evaluation – this was a big milestone for our Dev team and our company as a whole. 💙