For the last two days we’ve locked parts of our Management, Business & Technology Team into a little gem completely off the grid🌲🏡📵🌲to work on what we want to achieve within the next year🚀

From time to time, and even while extremely busy, it is necessary to take a step back from the day to day business and reflect on the feedback received, lessons learned from jobs (well) done and experiences made, in order to realign the targets and shape the finish lines for the upcoming months. And this is exactly what we just did.

During the two-day impact mapping workshop, we reviewed what we did and learned since our Marketplace Go-Live in November 2017, recapped the feedback of our partners and shareholders as well as from our own team, looked at it from different angles, whirled it all up in intensive but inspiring discussions, filtered and sorted it again and again, and brought it into proper shapes, to better understand the requirements, as well as to shed some light on the priorities and details of what needs to be done next and also to make sure not to overlook any inspiring ideas and insights of our team members.

And now the goals and outlines for the next twelve months are set. We are really happy with the roadmap, as well as the topics that came out of the workshops and discussions and will now put all of our focus and efforts into execution and delivery. You should keep your eyes open, first results will be visible and communicated soon.