The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where members of 494 organizations work together to develop high-quality web standards. Its primary activity is to develop protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the web. W3C’s standards define key parts of what makes the World Wide Web work.

Several W3C groups including Community & Business Groups and Working Groups enable W3C to pursue its mission through the creation of web standards, guidelines and supporting materials.

The scope of the Automotive Working Group is to develop Open Web Platform specifications for application developers, including but not limited to HTML5/JavaScript as well as enabling web connectivity through in-vehicle infotainment systems and vehicle data access protocols. The API is agnostic regarding the connection used. Numerous established players are members of the Working Group including Baidu, Inc., IBM Corporation, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Volkswagen AG.

To strengthen the role of a neutral server, Caruso actively supports standardization of the consent handling aspects of the evolving W3C APIs. Caruso also contributes extensive automotive aftermarket domain know-how to ensure that the working group can focus on relevant and realistic use cases.

We are quite happy to announce that our friends from W3C will be on stage at Caruso Partner Connect Event in Cologne on June 5-6. Furthermore, they will present their activities in our large exhibition area. Find out more about CPC19 on our event website.

Caruso is also represented in the German digital association Bitkom and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). More details will shortly follow ⏰