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From Connected Cars

to Connected Business

We empower you to easily build life-improving solutions. Our platform helps to connect the smart with the real world by offering standardized data from multiple vehicle manufacturers.

What we Offer

From Connected Cars to Connected Business

Our award winning platform is the place to find harmonized multi-brand in-vehicle data of different vehicle manufacturers in one location, ready to use.

Firstly, the marketplace provides you with an easy-to-consume overview of available data items. Based on a transparent pricing model it lets you manage your subscriptions to data.

Secondly, the developer portal helps you to integrate your system and provides all the necessary information to request data from our API. Request data for a car using its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) based on your subscription. The privacy of the car owner is taken seriously. Our consent management technology ensures security by giving vehicle end-users full control over which data may be shared with whom.

In conclusion, we offer data from top major vehicle manufacturers and provide you easy access to in-vehicle data in five simple steps. Have a look at the huge amount of partners who are already working with us. Check out our pricing model or contact us to sign up directly.

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The CARUSO data marketplace demonstrates how using, sharing, and refining data can help make mobility even safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Our Data Suppliers

Our platform provides access to car data from major brands and vehicle manufacturers in Europe. Therefore, we are honored to say that we cover more than 60% of the connected car park in Germany. Stay tuned as even more vehicle brands are currently in onboarding. 

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Our state-of-the-art platform enables our partners to consume car data, be GDPR compliant, as well as save time and money during integration. Just register to gain a competitive advantage.


We have major brands and vehicle manufacturers on our platform. We provide the data, you provide the solution! Therefore, check out the data items and data packages ready for you on our marketplace.


Just select the data package and the data items that fit to the needs of your solution. Check the details and subscribe.


Integrate the standardized in-vehicle API and learn about the different means of lawful processing of personal data to be GDPR-compliant. You can be sure that we will guide and support you if needed.


After that, consume the standardized data based on your subscription. Build your solution and use the data from the connected vehicle - of course, if consented and approved by your end users.
Connected Vehicles in Europe

Our Market

Constantly Growing Number of Connected Vehicles.

Copyright Caruso GmbH. European Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles, based on the following sources: ACEAStatistaTecAlliance.

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