Our Mission

Connecting the Mobility

Data & Service Market

Grow your sales, profit, service portfolio & brand value by joining our open, neutral, secure & trusted B2B-marketplace for mobility data and services.

All market participants need

easily accessible data & services.

Caruso makes them available.

Drive digitalisation into the connected mobility ecosystem with our open, neutral, secure and trusted marketplace platform for mobility data and services. Easily market your existing assets, compare data and services available on Caruso, build new business cases and find new customers.
What we can help you achieve

Monetising existing data | Expanding your service portfolio | Accessing in-vehicle data | Acquiring new customers | Increasing efficiency | Increasing customer loyalty


You are the provider

You remain the provider of your data & services offering them directly to potential customers.

You own your data

Caruso neither buys nor sells any data or services. You remain the owner of the assets you offer on our marketplace.

You have full control

You have the responsibility for decision making about your data & service offering including pricing and visibility to other market participants.
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Why joining our

open marketplace

The increasing number of connected cars means greater dependence on vehicle data for all market participants. Especially if they want to improve their mobility services or expand their portfolio.
To keep up with the big technology players, the available data will have to be accessible & intelligently connected. Our marketplace guarantees this easy and seamless exchange of data & services.


We have 10 shareholders on board representing more than 467+ legal entities.


We are the official partner of CLEPA to make use of in-vehicle data.


Currently 64 partners in onboarding with 100+ use cases in our pipeline.


Active commercial brokering since our Platform GoLive in November 2017.

Our Partners

Some of the largest companies in the industry across all market segments already trust their mobility data & services to Caruso. We are proud to have them on board and pleased that many more companies are about to join them.

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