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CARUSO was founded in 03/2017 as an industry initiative emerging in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM). Our Go Live with active data delivery was in 11/2017. Since then, our mission is to provide Access to Car Data for all players in the mobility sector. Our platform provides open, fair and non-discriminatory access to in-vehicle data across different brands.

Our neutrality is reflected in our shareholder structure, which represents a healthy potpourri of the automotive industry. We believe that in order to build up a sustainable ecosystem its diversity, openness & neutrality must be reflected in the shareholder structure, too. This structure is what distinguishes CARUSO from others and makes us truly neutral.

We are an active member of the community, in particular of ↗ISO Working Group on the ‘extended vehicle’ concept, the ↗W3C Automotive Working Group, and the ↗Bitkom. We are also actively contributing to the events, meetings, workshops, and working groups in the automotive sector.

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We have 10 Shareholders representing more than 468+ legal entities. We are non-profit oriented (no dividends payed to our shareholders). All profits are fully invested in further platform evolution.

We are supported as “Neutral Server” by the European Association of Automotive Suppliers ↗CLEPA.

Openess & Sustainablilty

We offer access to in-vehicle data based on the FRAND principle – Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory. Our platform is open to all companies and players in the mobility sector. And our platform provides sustainability as the basis of your data-driven business in the mobility sector.

Customer Centric

We make sure that in-vehicle data is easily accessible and support our partners and customer in their journey to data-driven business. Our experts are always there for guidance and provide support along with the entire data flow from the vehicle via our platform to the final end-user solution.

Security & Privacy

We comply with all data protection laws and only perform lawful processing of personal data (GDPR-compliant). Our platform applies state-of-the-art security mechanisms to protect data from manipulation and against attacks.

All mechanisms and guidelines are regularly checked and updated.

Impressive Lineup


Our founding shareholder was ↗TecAlliance GmbH with the initial investment and the support of its excellent ↗shareholders of automotive suppliers. Since then, another nine well known international industry players joined in having a say in how we shape the mobility ecosystem with our strategy, our business model, and our platform.

Adopt and Learn

Our shareholders take competitive advantage by early adoption and learning of connected vehicle business.


Our shareholders guide our strategy and provide the sustainability needed for a mobility ecosystem.


Our shareholders take an innovator‘s seat in the mobility ecosystem using our ecosystem as innovation hub for cross-organizational trusted initiatives.


Our shareholders own and actively govern the platform by defining the rules under which we operate our platform. 

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Harald Schneidergruber

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