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Improved Performance

Next Level Workshop

TOPMOTIVE NEXT makes the life of a mechanic much easier by providing their workshops with live data from vehicles. With that, they can work more efficiently and offer much more precise services. For instance identifying service needs, remote diagnostics, and resulting impacts on the entire service process. It is the first generation of a self-learning information system for workshops. The product is based on data from the CARUSO Dataplace and represents the first market player connected with the vehicle manufacturer’s telematics backend.

Tailored Based on Needs

Simplify Insurance

Offers like pay-as-you-drive provide great flexibility for consumers. Currently, however, they often have to send their mileage via e-mail to the insurance company. Once the driver gave consent, the insurance company automatically receives the mileage status of the car. Further, customers can benefit from tailored insurance policies based on their driving style. With this solution providers like insurance companies have fewer administration costs and less risk of wrong transferred values. The Insurac app demonstrates a pay as you drive scenario and how CARUSO takes care of GDPR compliance.

Life saving information

Fast Help for Car Crash Victims

Providing adequate help for victims of traffic accidents has been becoming progressively harder for emergency helpers in the past few years, especially for firefighters. Depending on the car’s technology, different tools have to be used and brought to the accident site. The data delivered through the CARUSO Dataplace – such as vehicle type, engine coolant temperature and doors and lock status – can be easily accessed by the rescue team even en-route to the crash site. They thereby saving time and allowing them to reach the crash site armed with vital information that can make the rescue comparatively easier and safer.

Save Costs, Protect the Environment

Easy Car Sharing

Currently, people pay for cars that are mostly parked. So why not share the car with friends and others that live nearby? But how to know who has to pay what and when the car is available? The car sharing app calculates the right amount based on the driven mileage and the time that each member used the car. Additionally, there is a scheduling tool provided and members can easily check the current location of the car. Imagine greener cities and no trouble finding a parking space. This app makes private car sharing as easy and convenient as public transportation.

Analyze faster and more effective

Optimized Workshop Flow

Want to go on vacation and the car’s service inspection lamp goes on is truly annoying. How about an app that makes life easier because it saves time and resources? Users can book their slot at the workshop and the workshop already knows potential issues. In the best case, the mechanics can even order spare parts in advance. All resulting in the owner getting their car back much faster and planning better ahead.

Advance booking of charging stations

Smooth Electrical Charging

Finding a free charging station can be challenging, especially in an unfamiliar area. With this app, the user is able to explore all electric charging stations around him and book a station in advance. No more driving to the station just to find all slots to be taken and needing to wait half an hour or more before charging. The car owner has the option to check how long the charging process will take and gets an overview of the different offers.

Faster reaction, less trouble

Rapidly solved Car Break Down

If a car stops in middle of the highway, the last thing the driver needs is to wait hours to get help. The “Help my Car App” provides roadside assistance by informing the assistance operator of the automobile club about in-vehicle data in advance. With such information, decisions can be made before the mechanic arrives at the scene. For example which spare parts are needed, whether the car must be towed or in which case a rental car can be provided.


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