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Success Story with OBI+

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Vehicle overview with CARUSO data

"If we have no data there is nothing we can deliver. It's a key piece running in the background."

Mario Filchev

Executive Officer & Co-founder


People focus on data. Can the vehicles communicate data?
If so, how much data & how many data items?

OBI+ being a company with a highly tech-influenced background where they work with lots of data analytics, felt since the very beginning there is one question no one in the market is asking, and that is… What to do with the data once customers get it? According to them, there were very few people who could answer that back then around 2016 – 2017. Everybody was so focus into getting data, but nobody knew what they needed this data for, and what use cases they would like to cover with it.

OBI+ shared with us some main pain points that their clients were having back then. They knew this pain points could surely be improved through utilizing the full potential of vehicle data with the right end to end solution.

Hard access to data &
difficulty extracting it

Since the beginning OBI+ was promising their clients that they’ll have easy access to data without any difficult hardware, whatsoever. But in 2016 – 2017 that was very difficult for anyone to imagine. OBI+ didn’t want to go to every vehicle manufacturer and try to convince them to work together. They didn’t want to take that roll because their focus was on the use cases and they needed to make sure they had the right access and support. Since OBI+ was also lacking this access to data, that was how they got introduced to CARUSO.

Complexity in
building projects

There are many small to medium companies that have a large amount of vehicles… be in the construction, cleaning or transportation industry, among many others. They want to offer their customers a new service, a better experience and of course retain them. Problem is, if they want to take advantage of vehicle data they must figure out everything by themselves. Meaning how to integrate it, give maintenance and every other issue that comes with it without being a software development company. It is just too complex to get into the field and really time and cost consuming as well.

Lack of

More than 50% of the SMES in Denmark have never had any kind of fleet administration or management solution. A fleet would be defined up to 20 – 30 vehicles. But even smaller fleets do not have any kind of solution neither. Many of these companies don’t even know of the availability of vehicle data and the potential of what they can achieve with it. They are not aware of the benefits it brings and that they can improve their customer service and therefore their businesses dramatically with it.

The Solution

OBI+ receives data items from CARUSO which then they pack all together into a simple plug-n-play solution with the option to extract data with no need for any configuration or customization, it works out from the box. They give their customers a login to the dashboard where they can have a general overview and start utilizing data as services right away! OBI+ onboards their clients and supports them throughout the whole process if they need something.


Service in repair market being the biggest, fleet administration & fleet management, among many other industries.

Used Data Items

Depends heavily on their customer’s use cases but mostly standard data items such as: mileage, external battery, available fuel, ignition, among others.

Collaboration with CARUSO

Started in 2018 – up to date

OBI+ Dashboard Mockup
OBI+ Dashboard Mockup Vehicle List
OBI+ Dashboard Mockup Fleet Geoposition

Major Advantages Of The New Solution

OBI+ clients want to provide a good customer experience and make sure their customers as well are happy…vehicle data is just one piece of the puzzle to achieve this. At the end of the day these companies just want to make sure their vehicles run from A to B and they are not focusing where the data comes from, they just want a partner who is going to take care of the data and be reliable so that their vehicles arrive safely to their destiny. What they care though is that it should be fast, easy and without any unnecessary high costs that could appear down the line. They don’t want to get involved into the process behind it, they just want to focus on their business and offer the best service possible to their own clients.

Costs & time saving

Our clients just need to tell us what is it that they need, what do they want to get out of it and that’s it. We do an onboarding process with them, we do the set up and they’re ready to go. We don’t even have to discuss vehicle data with them in any way because we know what’s in the package and we’ve already made sure the data is available right away. This solution is much less time consuming for them and the complexity is extremely low, meaning the resources they’re investing are minor and that means they’re saving costs.

Transparency & Autonomy

These companies don’t need a full team in house to develop and eventually maintain this solution, neither they need to outsource it to an agency to take care of it. With OBI+’s plug-n-play solution they have a full overview of the dashboard and the data items they’re utilizing, giving them all the transparency and autonomy they need. This gives them room for new ideas in terms of new projects because they can now focus not on the implementation of them, but on their own use cases with their customers.

Customer loyalty & retention

If you look at the dealerships, whenever the warranty period is over about 60 – 70 % of the customers they just drop-off from the dealership and they just move to a different segment in the market. This is a huge gap, but better customer experience combined of course with the overall service and price really pushes the customer to extend their lifetime with a specific vehicle and increases significantly the chance that they’re going to buy another vehicle from the same dealer once it’s time to switch. You spoil the customer a bit.

CARUSO has been doing an amazing job and we have always felt the support from the team since the very beginning. Despite some limitations that come with being pioneers in the mobility data world and bringing a new product into the market not everyone is familiarized with, they have supported us in the road to exploring new initiatives and new use cases to deliver better services to our customers.

They have managed to increase the awareness of availability in our community, proved the potential of utilizing vehicle data and have opened many doors with manufacturers and with other partners on the field. We are always up to date of what’s happening out there. It’s has been enjoyable to work with them since they not only discuss but really act and deliver.

In one sentence: CARUSO brings stakeholders together.

Mario FilchevExecutive Officer & Co-founder
What’s coming next for OBI+?

“Utilizing vehicle data is something very knew and a lot of customers in the market don’t even know that that is a possibility, so it takes a bit of time until the market gets educated. Once they catch up, there is no coming back. Because as soon as they find out how easy and simple things are, why should they go back to all the complexity, time consuming, extra expenses, when they can do it the fast and easy way with OBI+? The customer demands will drive the change organically.”

For us at OBI+ we want to go into the vehicle sharing services… but we’re not there yet. We still need to expand our packages and dive deeper into some data points like: warning and diagnostics of the vehicle. We don’t have all the tools in the box yet, but the future remains exciting.

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