Tailored Pricing

We offer different pricing packages for getting access to our platform with a lot of benefits. Just choose the option that fits best to your interests and your needs.

Depending on the consumed data, data pricing fees for packages/data items may apply. The data fee may use one of the following pricing models: per VIN/month, per call/month, or flat/month. It may range between 0,19€ and 6,50€ for packages, depending on your subscription and its data fee.



3 months
One Account

Free prototyping with multi-brand in-vehicle data.

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Start with a 3-month period providing you with:

Access to our marketplace and developer portal

Access to our data catalog & standardized API

Access to our ‘Virtual OEM’ with simulated data to build & test your solution

Access to multi-brand in-vehicle data (fees apply)

Email support

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1.500 €

12 months
Unlimited Accounts

All you need to develop your mobility service portfolio with multi-brand in-vehicle data.

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Everything from TRIAL package and:

Unlimited corporate accounts for the marketplace

Access to multi-brand in-vehicle data for productive usage (data fee applies)

Guaranteed business service-level agreements (SLAs)

Unified user consent flow for all data providers

Extended customer care (Email and phone support)

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Business Plus

15.000 €

12 months
Unlimited Accounts

Dedicated expert support to scale up and accelerate your mobility service portfolio.

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Everything from BUSINESS package and:

Single point of contact via personal onboarding manager

Provision of an initial 1-day workshop

Dedicated expert support for your technical integration

Dedicated expert support for B2X use case ideation and realization

Data fee for 50 vehicles per month included

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On Demand

Unlimited Accounts

Tailor-made with exclusive access to the innovation hub and OEM data lab.

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Tailor-made based on BUSINESS PLUS package:

Access to our innovation hub for creating mobility solutions

Access to our OEM data lab

Flat data fee for a fixed number of vehicles per year

Realization and support of one customized Proof of Concept

Access to all CARUSO reports and studies

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Your Benefits

Multi-brand Data

We have in-vehicle data for connected cars in Germany and Europe from major vehicle manufacturers available for you.

Our marketplace already covers 50% of the connected car park in Germany and is constantly growing.

We are currently in the onboarding of additional brands and extending the data items available for already onboarded vehicle manufacturers.

Standardized Access

CARUSO will provide you standardized access to:

  • API
  • Consent Process
  • Data Item Definitions
  • Error Handling
  • Billing and Payment
  • Subscription Process

Check out our Developer Portal to find out all details. 

Data Catalog

Our data catalog indexed 500+ distinct data items and this number keeps growing and growing.

There are more than 130 data items available on our platform. Ready for delivery to you.

And the number of data items keeps growing and growing. Soon there will be additional 50+ more data items ready for delivery.

Data Fees

Fair – No additional fees in 2020. We offer you exactly the same price as the data suppliers with a ton of benefits.

Transparent – We are untangling the different pricing models from multiple sources for you.

Flexible – Pricing Models like pay per VIN/month, pay per call, or flat rates, etc. possible. We will find the model that best suits your needs.