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Our Pricing Options

We offer VIN-based access to Car Data in Europe via our Dataplace platform with different pricing options for our annual membership plan. Just choose the plan that fits best your interests and the needs of your application.

Please note that data fees may apply to your Car Data subscriptions. Pricing is determined based on the data items, the pricing model (e.g., per VIN/month, per call/month, or flat/month), and the consumption patterns. Our experts will help you to pick the pricing option that best fits your use cases.

Your Benefits

Multi-brand Data

We have in-vehicle data for connected cars in Europe from major vehicle manufacturers available for you.

Our marketplace already covers 60% of the connected car park in Germany and is constantly growing.

We are currently in the onboarding of additional brands and extending the data items available for already onboarded vehicle manufacturers.

Standardized Access

CARUSO will provide you standardized access to:

  • API
  • Consent Process
  • Data Item Definitions
  • Error Handling
  • Billing and Payment
  • Subscription Process

Check out our Developer Portal to find out all details. 

Data Catalog

Our data catalog indexed 500+ distinct data items and this number keeps growing and growing.

There are more than 130 data items available on our platform. Ready for delivery to you.

And the number of data items keeps growing and growing. Soon there will be additional 50+ more data items ready for delivery.

Data Fees

Transparent – We are untangling the different pricing models from multiple sources for you.

Flexible – Pricing Models like pay per VIN/month, pay per call, flat rates, etc. possible. We will find the model that best suits your needs.