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    β€œI was one of the first associates to join CARUSO back in 2017. At that time, the company only had a vision and the backup of its shareholders to start business! Since then, it has been an incredible journey: finding an office in Mannheim, winning our first OEM pitch, getting the word out through our Partner Connect events, running PoCs for the EU Commission, acquiring our first data consumers, and much more. As an employer, CARUSO has a lot to offer: an entrepreneurial start-up atmosphere, great working conditions, an intercultural and open minded team, healthy work-life balance, and many career opportunities.”

    Gwenael de CalanHead of Sales - Business Development

    β€œ"I am very thankful to CARUSO for being such a diverse company, not just with regards to nationalities and languages, but also when it comes to respecting the diverse ways every person works."”

    Alexa Nieto ManzanoMedia Designer

    β€œ"I am proud to be part of the CARUSO team for more than 4 years now, because I see a lot of growth potential in the company, which gives me a lot of personal and professional self-fulfillment. I also appreciate the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever I want, which allows me to spend more time with my family."”

    Kristjan LiivaFrontend Developer

    β€œ"Living in Karlsruhe, CARUSO’s openness to working remotely on the one hand, and the option to visit the office in Mannheim whenever I feel like it on the other hand, gives me the freedom to work the way I prefer. Meeting my colleagues in person, getting support face-to-face, and playing a table tennis match in the lunch break are real benefits."”

    Bjarne SauerIntern Trainee Software Development