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Connected Vehicle Fieldtest 3.0

A Field Study on the Current State of In-Vehicle Data in IAM Workshops.

Connected Vehicle Field Test 3.0

Driving change: The role of connected car data in IAM workshops

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM) is a dynamic and competitive sector that provides repair and maintenance services for vehicles of various brands and models.

However, the IAM faces multiple challenges in accessing and using connected car data that could enhance their daily operations and position them favorably against competitors. To address this issue, CARUSO dataplace, a platform that provides access to harmonized multi-brand in-vehicle data from different vehicle manufacturers, conducted a field study on the current state of connected car data in IAM workshops.

The study involved 30 workshops throughout Europe and aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities of using telematic data in the IAM sector. The methodology encompassed an exploratory phase, in which workshops were surveyed about their equipment, vehicles, and telematic data requirements. It also included a process deep dive phase where three workshops were selected for a detailed analysis of their operations, data integration, and consent processes.

The study yielded some intriguing insights such as:

  • Workshops can possess up to ten, or even more, diagnostic tools. On average, the sample group had four distinct diagnostic tools. Closer inspection revealed that independent workshops had fewer diagnostic tools (average of 2.5) compared to concept workshops (average of 4.5).
  • Car Repair Shops acknowledge the value of telematics, but voice concerns about time investment, customer acceptance, and equitable data access.
  • 76% of the workshops believe their customers would consent to providing access to their connected car data.
  • Most of the car repair shops prefer acquiring consent through paper-based forms.
  • The top data item, with an average score of 9.33 (out of 10), was accessing the next due date.

The study demonstrated that there is tremendous potential for the IAM sector to utilize in-vehicle data to improve their business performance and customer satisfaction.

Published: January 2024

Pages: 74 Pages

Interviewed Workshops: 30

Locations: Europe

Price: 499,00 € (excluding VAT)

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  • Phase 1: Key Findings Exploratory Phase
    • Equipment of Workshops
    • Vehicles in the Workshops
    • Telematic Data
  • Phase 2: Key Findings Process Deep Dives
    • Current Process Flows
    • The Traditional Workshop
    • Fully Independent
    • Telematic Data and Consent
    • Capability Check
  • Summary
  • Recommendations

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