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The powerful digitization platform
for independent workshops.


of concept workshops struggle on a daily basis because of lack of digitalization and would like more support on this matter.

Workshop concepts have the opportunity to support independent workshops and to make them ready for the future.

What's missing?

A simple, comprehensive and efficient solution that unites workshop owners and car drivers through a digital process optimization.


Repdate brings concept workshops one step closer to the digital world.

What is Repdate and how does it work?

Repdate is a powerful digitization platform for customer loyalty and customer communication for independent workshops – and the new standard for digital business in your branch. Repdate has a modular structure and can be individually adapted to your company – in name, design, scope and functionality.

Overview Involved Parties
Workshop Booking Customer Workshop

Repdate is unique

5 things Repdate makes very easy

  • With the flexible search for workshops, concepts, partners, services, dates and locations, you can make yourself and your services visible, findable and bookable online – including dates and prices.
  • They reduce unproductive work and allow end customers to easily book their appointments themselves – quickly and conveniently via smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • You can integrate Repdate or individual modules simply and easily into your existing systems.
  • You use telematics interfaces to optimize processes and plan services more efficiently.
  • You offer your customers a service that you otherwise only know from authorized workshops.

Repdate Goals

Driving Digitalization
Standardize Access to
Data and Services
Securing IAM
Sales Channels
B2B Approach by Strengthening
Existing Value Chain
Industry Wide Solution
Open to all Market Players
Forming the Future IAM Mobility Ecosystem

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Try it Out!

Check out the demo workshop "Motuka" which showcases the branded Repdate solution.

Motuka Demo Workshop