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Driving the Future of Car Insurance

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How many of your cars are connected
Insurance Use Cases Realization

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Published: September 2023

Scope: 80 Pages

Languages Available: German, English

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A study about the status of connected car data and how it benefits the motor insurance business

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation with the advent of connected car technology, and one significant aspect of this transformation is its impact on the insurance industry. Connected cars have the potential to reshape the way auto insurance is priced, underwritten, and experienced by consumers.

Connected cars generate for example data related to driving behavior, including speed, acceleration, braking, and driver attention.

This data is invaluable to insurance companies as it allows them to assess risk more accurately.

With this information, insurers can tailor policies to individual drivers, reward safe driving habits with lower premiums, assess risk more accurately, provide state-of-the-art customer satisfaction, and much more.

The rise of connected cars has spurred competition in the insurance industry. New entrants and established insurers are vying to offer innovative policies and incentives to existing or potentially new customers. Resulting in more options and potentially better deals for consumers.

In this study, you will learn how the insurance industry can use automotive telematics to improve the management of their portfolios through data analysis from experts in the connected car segment and use cases that illustrate how the results of using connect cars can be extremely effective.

This study covers:

  • Concepts and Definitions
  • Market Analysis
  • Insurance Use Cases
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Legal Framework
  • Bonus: Free personalized capability check

By buying this study, you will not only be acquiring knowledge about the integration between the connected cars and the Insurance market, but also each purchase of our connected cars study comes with a free personalized capability check – understand your customer’s vehicles like never before.

Our team of experts will dedicate time to evaluate your customer portfolio, providing you with information on which cars are already connected on which level and thus giving you the opportunity to offer this advantage to your customers and improve your company’s results.

You will also be able to understand how consumers perceive the use of this technology today and what motivates them to take part in this scenario.

Buy the study and unlock the future of the insurance industry with our comprehensive study on connected cars.

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