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AAMPACT’s international collective unites 51 of the auto parts industry’s top manufacturers.

AAMPACT’s general meeting – April 2024

What is AAMPACT e.V.?

AAMPACT e.V., the International Independent Aftermarket Association, is a prestigious global collective that unites 51 of the auto parts industry’s top manufacturers. The association serves as a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge, fostering innovation, and advancing the automotive aftermarket sector. By bringing together industry leaders, AAMPACT e.V. facilitates collaboration, driving forward initiatives that benefit the entire independent aftermarket community.


General Meeting Insights

The meeting was a whirlwind of ideas and insights as Thomas Fischer hosted the engaging AAMPACT e.V. general meeting. Our colleagues Norbert and Tina captivated the audience with a comprehensive talk on the current standing of OEMs and the connection of in-vehicle data use cases to the trending topic of sustainability and fleets. Sustainability was a recurring theme among various speakers, reflecting its growing importance in the industry. One notable speaker, Umberto Fassero Gamba from CLEPA, offered enriching insights from the Forum on Automotive Aftermarket Sustainability, adding new dimensions to our understanding of the subject.

A highlight of the meeting was Amal Sayeh from talents4aa and the New Automotive Aftermarket Generation Working Group. She fervently advocated for a new generation of Independent Aftermarket (IAM) professionals. Their tireless work in educating the younger generation on the benefits and career potential in the automotive aftermarket industry is commendable. Sayeh also explored how emerging trends could be applied to the IAM, underscoring the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

The meeting reached its finale with Frank Schlehuber sharing profound knowledge about the status of the European automotive parc. He also provided updates on the evolving legislative framework within the EU, highlighting the need for adaptation and proactive strategies.


Key Takeaways and Future Directions

In addition to these insights, the meeting underscored the importance of integrating connected car building blocks to enhance efficiency in fleet management. Direct OEM car data, efficiency boosts through organized service, optimized routes, reduced downtimes, and minimized fuel use were discussed as key benefits. Simplifying software with flexible, intelligent building blocks and ensuring 100% security through GDPR compliance and TISAX certification were also emphasized.

We look forward to the next insightful exchange and continuing to drive innovation and sustainability in the independent aftermarket industry!