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We're working on a research project to ensure
your safety while driving

D-Tras Project

To ensure your safety while driving, like last year we’re working on an amazing research project together with Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Motobit, NEXT Data Service AG, and two chairs from The University of Göttingen. The collaboration is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie), as well as by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation, and Technology. Various data sources and a powerful AI are being combined to predict traffic safety risks. This especially helps drivers in rural areas.

Some time ago, the whole project team had the opportunity to meet at our CARUSO Headquarters in beautiful Mannheim.
There has been great progress until now with concepts and technical work. Now the final project phase is coming where we are tackling the evaluation with field tests running in Harz and Steiermark in 2023. The project “Digital Platform for Traffic Safety-Risk Prediction in Rural Areas” (D-TRAS) will be making the roads safer for all of us. And in the evaluation phase, we are now going to prove it.