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Last week a joined project together with the Hochschule Mannheim came successfully to an end. Our boundaries:

šŸ¦ø ā€“ 44 Students from 2 different fields of study
šŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ“ ā€“ 2 Professors
šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» ā€“ 5 CARUSO supervisors
šŸŽÆ ā€“ 1 Task: Build an application with data from connected cars
šŸŽ¬ ā€“ 5 Scenarios
šŸ“… ā€“ 3 Months
šŸ¦  ā€“ 1 Corona lockdown

Even in this challenging time, the groups developed fantastic apps based on CARUSO. Check out the outcome and discover how data from connected vehicles enables impressive innovations:

ā€“ Roadside Assistance (
ā€“ Workshop Support (
ā€“ E-Charge Overview (
ā€“ Fire Department Rescue Support
ā€“ Private Car Sharing (

We are amazed by the great achievements and wish the students all the best for their future.
Let us know in case you want to hear more about it! šŸ¤“