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Data “Vehicle Lock Status”

Let us introduce to you our multi-brand data package “Vehicle Lock Status”. 🔒🚗 Subscribers of the package can check the status of doors, windows, trunks, fuel doors, hoods, and sunroofs. This data can be used, for example, by insurance or fleet management companies to keep track of security and damage situations.

Let us give you a few examples of how our data package “Vehicle Lock Status” can help to accelerate your business!

Managing a fleet of multi-brand vehicles? Tired of checking whether cars have been properly locked after a long day of work? Let your fleet management application do the job. With the “Vehicle Lock Status,” you can easily check whether or not all of your connected cars have been locked – with the click of a button.

Insuring vehicles against damage caused by weather? Avoid claims by preventive warnings to your clients and customers in case of severe weather conditions. Enable to check whether all connected cars of owned the clients’ are properly closed and locked. And create a positive user experience by proactively reminding them to close the sunroof, windows, and trunk.

Working at the check-in desk of the car rental station? Tired of walking over the parking lot to make sure all car windows and doors are closed and locked? Then make use of the Vehicle Lock Status data package and make use of connected car data. Integrate once with CARUSO and benefit from multi-brand connected car data.

Check out our data catalog for more details:

Data Package “First Notification of Service”

Modern connected cars dynamically compute their next service needs. For instance, the dates for the next inspection, brakepad change, or oil change depends on its driver behavior and mileage driven.
Our ⭐️ data package “First Notification of Service” is here to help! Connected car data items like Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Condition Based Service, and Warning Indicator Lights deliver crucial information about the health of your vehicles. Repair workshops, fleet operators, and car rentals for instance can benefit from this connected car data.

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Let us give you a couple of examples of how you can benefit from the “First Notification of Service” package.

🚚 Are you managing a fleet of multi-brand vehicles? It can be a hassle to keep track of which car has its service due next. Now imagine all your cars tell you exactly that. With one glimpse at your dashboard, you could see whether any services are needed or if there are any issues. Service downtime can be reduced to a minimum with clever planning.

🔧🚗 Repair workshop: Take care of your customers much more easily by letting them know that the next service appointment should be scheduled. This will avoid busy times in your workshop as you can plan in advance. Also, potential issues can already be discovered beforehand.

🔑🚗 Car rental: Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you know exactly which car can be rented for which time frame, without service notifications that annoy the driver? Keep track of all your cars and their health status, and plan your service cycles ahead of time.