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We are very proud to announce that OSRAM joins CARUSO as our latest shareholder. With a total of 10 shareholders on board, we are more than satisfied with the development after less than 12 months since our platform went live. With the development of smart mobility concepts, OSRAM is making a significant contribution to digitization and is thus a perfect partner for our open and neutral platform.

With its predominantly semiconductor-based products, OSRAM enables a wide range of solutions from virtual reality to autonomous driving and from smartphones to connected intelligent lighting in buildings.

Our majority shareholder, TecAlliance GmbH, sees us structurally on a very good path. “OSRAM’s investment underlines CARUSO’s market relevance and strengthens the neutrality of the shareholder structure, which we are continuously expanding. We are currently in talks with other major players in the manufacturing and mobility services sectors,” said Jürgen Buchert, Managing Director of TecAlliance GmbH.

Each of our partners can decide whether they also want to become a shareholder. In this function, they have a say in the business model and our strategic goals. We are profit-oriented, but we do not pay a dividend to our shareholders. Instead, the profits flow fully into the further development of the marketplace. This structure distinguishes us from all other existing data platforms

OSRAM is in good company. Our existing shareholders include our founding shareholder TecAlliance, ATR International AG, one of the world’s largest trade cooperations, the Eucon Group, provider of market information for vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers as well as a digitisation expert for insurance and real estate, the CARAT Group, one of the largest trading cooperations in Germany, DVSE GmbH, a Europe-wide provider and supplier of information and catalogue systems, services, workshop and shop software as well as Global One, a strategic alliance of independent European aftermarket distributors. Most recently added in June were Mobivia, an international workshop group and key player in new mobility solutions, WM SE (Wessels+Müller), a wholesaler of automotive parts, accessories, tyres and workshop equipment, and LKQ Corporation, global supplier of automotive parts, accessories and workshop equipment.