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 At the Leipziger Gesprächskreis – Smart Mobility we saw new and well-known faces

The event was hosted by DEVK Versicherungen in Cologne & greatly organized by Nathalie Sing from V.E.R.S. Leipzig GmbH!


Our colleagues Wolfgang Reelitz and Tina Rauschenbach had the opportunity to take a glimpse into lots of interesting and enlightening discussions and connect with many experts in the insurance industry.

We loved to hear the experience from Dirk-Henning Lotz from DEVK about their experience and learnings with telematics data. With all participants, it was a great exchange and valuable discussion.

We also want to highlight other great panel discussions such as:

☑️ Confronting E-Mobility Challenges with Jan Connemann from ENERGU GmbH.
☑️ Development of the THG Quota Market and Its Impacts on Market Participants with Marten Timmermann from JUICIFY Green.
☑️ Forecasting 2024 with Stefan Runge (E+S Rückversicherung AG ) and Christina Heidlauf (R+V Versicherung). They dissected mobility market trends and their implications for insurance.

Tina and Wolfgang also hosted a panel discussion titled “From Theory to Reality: Connected Car Data in Practice” and gave clear insights how to start implementing car data into your business and gaining insights from it. 😉

We also enjoyed engaging in open discussions about why some telematics products have not led to the desired success in the past and how better value can be offered to insurance customers today.

Connected Car Data is a reality today, also in the insurance segment, and CARUSO is here to support you throughout the whole process of it. 😊

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