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The CARUSO OEM DATA LAB  is an initiative driven by our shareholders to establish a technical working group on access to in-vehicle data. Through the OEM data lab we are regularly informing representatives of our shareholders on status, progress and activities relevant to the independent automotive aftermarket. The 2nd edition CARUSO OEM DATA LAB took place in our development office in Mannheim, Germany and we were happy to be the host for more than 30 participants.

It was a day full of information, thrilling moments and exchange of experience! We started with a detailed presentation  of the use case “First Notification of Service Need” for which the enabler is in-vehicle data delivered through the CARUSO platform. The use case determines the individual service needs of a vehicle and enables the proactive notification by a car repair shop to the driver of the vehicle. Data items like mileage, the date of next inspection, the distance to next service, and diagnostic trouble codes provide the necessary information to make this use case work in practice. We took a close look at the “driver’s journey” and the role of the repair workshops in this use case and their data-driven interactions. We discussed and clarified essential questions around this use case: How to gain competitive advantages by knowing the data content, quality and coverage based on real cars? Which business opportunities can be realized across various OEMs?

We got a lot of helpful feedback and requirements to bring the use case onto the next level. Further, we have confirmed the need for additional data items and improved data quality. We are now wrapping it all up & look forward to the next edition of our CARUSO OEM DATA LAB.