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insurHub 3.0 Event in Berlin

Mobility innovation, technology development and insurance cases are closely linked, especially in topics related to mitigating risks, smart cities and new methods of transportation. Insurance companies focus on getting near real-time data from vehicles and improve the data quality for internal analytics. Increasing customer loyalty through external services as well as digitization and expansion of the service portfolio are becoming more important factors. It’s pretty clear that we highly value the deep exchange of knowledge with companies that want to leverage connected vehicle data.

Our Head of Partner Onboarding Dr. Christian Webel entered the stage at the insurHUB 3.0 Event in Berlin on December 3. insurHUB Innovation Lab sees itself as a catalyst of innovation for the insurance industry. The organization pursues a collaborative approach where employees of the participating companies work together and apply resource-efficient & forward-looking ideas outside the company’s own structures. In addition to scientific market, trend and scenario analyses, recognized innovation methods such as design thinking are also applied. The participating companies are HDI, the Ecclesia group, Provinzial NordWest, Die Stuttgarter and Barmenia. Their innovative projects are supported by partner companies such as EY Innovalue, SAP and V.E.R.S. Leipzig.

Christian gave insights into the mobility ecosystem businesses from a start-up perspective. He talked about the lessons learned that we’ve made so far with onboarding major OEMs and the monetization of multi-brand in-vehicle data.