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Bye Hardware, Hello Connected Fleet Data – Free Webinar about Telematic Data in the Fleet Industry

On two dates, CARUSO inform together with a speaker from Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services about how connected vehicles can revolutionize the fleet industry.

The webinars are held once in English on the 26th of July 2022 and once in German on the 28th of July 2022.


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Munich, July 13, 2022

Not many fleet managers are aware of the possibility to use connected car data to manage their fleets. Typically, telematics remains associated with the installation of black boxes or dongles on every single car. Using these types of retrofit solutions has some major drawbacks. As a result, most managers of small and medium-sized fleets have given up on using telematics data, as they perceive the process to acquire data as too costly and complicated. Without access to in-vehicle data, fleet managers must rely on intermittent and unreliable data sources.

In this free webinar Gwenael de Calan and Marcus Hennecke from CARUSO together with Taslim Arif from Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services will provide insights how fleets can easily profit from connected car data. They will provide information about the different technologies available to collect telematic data, the advantages of using in-vehicle data, which use cases are covered, and how to start the journey.

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Tina Rauschenbach
Head of Customer Experience