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Student Paper Awards

CARUSO is sponsor of Best Student Paper Award WSRE 2022

We are very happy to support the Best Student Paper Award at this year’s “Workshop Software-Reengineering & -Evolution (WSRE)” as a sponsor!

But first, what exactly are the “WSRE”?🧐❓
The “WSRE” workshops in the Bad Honnef Physics Center were launched with the first WSR in 1999 😮 by Jürgen Ebert and Franz Lehner, in order to complement the successful international conferences in the field of reengineering to also create a German-language discussion forum.

Organized by the Gesellschaft Informatics Society, the goal is to promote cooperation and professional exchange between research and practice in German-speaking countries on the topics of “software reengineering”, “software maintenance” and “software evolution”. That way, the subjects area can be further advanced and consolidated.👌🔍

At the WSRE 2022, the prize for the best student contribution will be awarded for the first time in the history of the workshop series. The Best Student Paper Award comes with prize money of €250 provided by sponsors. 💸 Students could take part with their own project, e.g. their master’s or bachelor’s thesis or also as part of a student job. Contributions must deal with a topic from the range of topics of the WSRE.

Based on the assessment of the written contributions and the presentation, the jury will then determine the contribution that will receive the “Best Student Paper Award”. The workshop participation, presentation and award ceremony took place the 2nd of May and had an end the 4th of May.

We want to congratulate the 4 finalists: (from left to right)
Falko Galperin, Felix Graßler, Philip Gnoyke and Bjarne Sauer, but a special congrats goes to the winning best paper that has been decided just yesterday: congratulations Philipp Gnoyke!🎉☺

Special thanks to jury for making such a special event and making a fair winner decision! 😉 and the board of the SRE Fachgruppe for organizing the event: (from left to right)
Jens Borchers (jury), Stefan Sauer, Jochen Quante (jury), Torsten Görg, Jens Knodel, Marco Konersmann (jury), and not on the picture Rainer Koschke (jury), Matthias Gutheil.

We at CARUSO believe in supporting students and young professionals during their developing years since they are the generations to follow and keep on innovating!