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🥚🐤❓ What do chickens and eggs have to do with useful data offers?

Christian and Jens give the answer to that question in the current edition of Changement-Magazin  🇩🇪. In this edition, the magazine focuses on the topic “Business ecosystems” with great authors like Julian Fieres (ZF Group), Hannes Ametsreiter (Vodafone), Jan Gilg (SAP), Rainer Brehm (Siemens), Andreas Aumann (BMW Group), Angelica Cuylen & Jutta Rößner (DATEV eG), Manuel Gerres (Deutsche Bahn), Kathrin Günther(Uhlmann Pac-Systeme), Holger J. Kern (PwC Deutschland), Thomas Noll, Axel Hellmann & Timm Jäger (Eintracht Frankfurt), Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair (VINCI Energies), Roland Altwegg (Raiffeisen Gruppe), Marcus Trapp & Matthias Naab (Fraunhofer IESE), Dr. Denis Krechting , Michael Lewrick, Ph.D, MBA and Michael G. Jacobides.

Order your free copy here (limited until Nov. 21st) 👉


🙏 Thanks to Julian Kawohl for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this interesting edition.

Magazin Cover_Changement