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Platform economics is the heart of the digital revolution 💙 It redefines B2B & B2C markets and leads to phenomenal growth figures. It is critical to ensure that organizational data is secure at every access point. It requires a new way of thinking about partnerships, a new way for business and technology to work together, and a new pace of development, funding, and coordination.

The marketplace and the ecosystem around CARUSO are growing steadily. We connect more and more partners and enable secure and efficient exchange of telematics data from vehicles for completely new business models.

Our friends Matthias Naab & Marcus Trapp from ↗Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE held an exciting webinar on the growth of digital ecosystems this week. They analyzed the digital transformation in various industries & the increase in platform-based business models. The example of CARUSO is compared to other innovative platforms such as Netflix or Airbnb. Watch the video 🇩🇪: ↗

Fraunhofer IESE has been on board right from the start as a neutral and strategic technology consultant. Together we created all the prerequisites for making dynamic automotive data accessible to the digital, networked world.