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We are pleased to welcome ↗ OBI+ as a new member of the CARUSO ecosystem.

OBI+ is based in Denmark and operates internationally through a network of regional partners. The company focuses on the development of off-the-shelf web and mobile applications for connected car services.

OBI+ provides a software platform that links drivers/vehicle owners to their vehicles and the vehicles to networks of repair shops, car dealers and other service providers on the market. OBI+ bridges the gap between raw telematic data and what vehicle users actually want.

OBI+’ applications are suitable for a variety of services:

Vehicle care is a web-based service for remote vehicle management used by professionals. As a unique solution „Vehicle Care“ is already used by hundreds of workshops like Bosch Car Service, Teknicar, Automester and many more. Vehicle owners benefit from the full-service: mechanics get notifications in case of important warnings such as engine light on, low battery status or information about due dates for service /inspection.

Fleet is a simple monitoring tool that makes it easy for users to track, maintain, and manage vehicles for companies of various sizes. Users can access the fleet management platform from any device: computer, mobile phone, or tablet to get a full overview of their fleet. The report function is an efficient tool for vehicle tracking – saving both time and money.

With OBI+ CARUSO now has a strong partner to facilitate the integration of in-vehicle data into complete software solutions. Get in touch wit us for further information.