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Five Easy Steps to Get Access to Connected Vehicle Data

Connected Vehicles are passenger cars, trucks or buses equipped with internet access and hence being able to send data about themselves, their health status, and any kinds of incidents that might happen while driving. We all know and we all have been listening to great talksabout how such data items like mileage, geo-position or diagnostic trouble codes are the digital fuel for innovative use cases or brand new perspectives for the mobility industry – no questions about that.

But however, you hardly see any mobility services based on in-vehicle data offered to the driver of the car yet. This will definitely change now!

Why? – That’s why!

  • Vehicle connectivity is available now. In 2019 connected vehicles (OE-equipped and retrofitted devices) eventually passed the 10 percent threshold on the roads in Europe. And it will further increase as almost any new car comes with built-in connectivity.
  • Data Items are available now. Major OEMs are sharing in-vehicle data via the CARUSO Marketplace. And our pipeline is full, please expect the announcements of further completed onboardings of more OEMs in the next months and of course throughout 2020.
  • Access to data will be simple. Because we are busy for you working on our next platform release. And we keep driving forward with full development.

Your Solution. One Platform. Multi-Brand In-Vehicle Data.

Interesting? Sounds great! Want to get started? With just five easy steps you will be able to consume in-vehicle data. Give your solutions a boost by data generated within vehicles.

1. Register at our marketplace

Just get in contact with us and we will provide you access to our marketplace. A dedicated CARUSO Expert will follow up on all your questions about the platform, no matter if your questions are technical, commercial or legal.

2. Explore what is available for your car parc.

Come in, see what is there, try it out. Check which data items are available, in general and in particular for your vehicles. Start playing around with in-vehicle data samples or use our data delivery engine to access data from cars of our multi-brand sample fleet that we have made available for you.

3. Subscribe to in-vehicle data.

Now, after seeing how it works, you simply subscribe to the data items you are interested in. It is almost as simple as buying any other physical good online, but it is a subscription to in-vehicle data coming from multi-brand OEMs. CARUSO will make sure that you will have a unified experience to the largest extent possible. We will clarify all the details with you and afterwards you will receive information about our APIs, endpoint, credentials and so on to eventually have your subscription activated.

4. Integrate and enrich your solution with in-vehicle data.

Now the techies start working. We have a developer portal in place for them – API documentation, data catalog, user consent management, authorization and authentication mechanisms, error handling, and much more. Every bit and byte of interest will be described there. Further, whenever needed, CARUSO will support you and make sure that the technical integration for your product runs smoothly. And now comes the best thing: integrate once, but get access to all of the OEMs that we have onboarded for you.

5. Consume in-vehicle data via our API.

Ready to go. CARUSO is provisioning in-vehicle data – just as your solution requires it – of course fully compliant with GDPR regulations. CARUSO is your simple, smooth and cost-efficient way to multi-brand in-vehicle data.

Stay tuned. And, of course, let us know in case you would like to start your customer journey now.

Have a great CARUSO Experience!  🚀