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We can’t repeat it often enough, giving your solutions a boost by data generated within vehiclesis just five easy steps away.

Your Solution. One Platform. Multi-Brand In-Vehicle Data.

Here goes your customer journey:

  1. Registerat our marketplace
  2. Explore what is available for your car fleet.
  3. Subscribe to multi-brand in-vehicle data.
  4. Integrate and enrich your solutions with in-vehicle data.
  5. Consume in-vehicle data via our harmonized API.

And this week we had a Customer Experience workshop. We invited some of our customers to our office in Mannheim to get the most precious thing they can give us: their feedback!

We discussed their overall customer journey, as well as concepts and implementations of our underlying platform. We gave some sneak previews, presented some of our latest developments, and, of course, had open and constructive discussions on possible options for further development, new feature ideas, and we asked them about priorities on what to do next

We at CARUSO take feedback seriously!

Be assured, we listened carefully and enjoyed doing so. As we are building our platform for our customers, we highly appreciated each and every comment and suggestion that was made.  And with our upcoming platform release early 2020 we will already roll out some of the features requested this week by the participants of our workshop. More of the requested features of course will come along with later releases in 2020.

Thank you! 🙏🏻 We hope to see you again soon!