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A Heartfelt End of Year Donation to ‘Müttersprache‘. An association in Mannheim that fosters hope for migrant women and their children by learning the german language.

Check out the Müttersprache website to know more about their work:


This holiday season, CARUSO embraced the spirit of giving by orchestrating a heartfelt End of Year donation. The beneficiary of this charitable initiative was the “Müttersprache” association in Mannheim, a devoted organization dedicated to supporting refugees on their journey to a better life in Germany. Our contribution helped in facilitating a distinctive project tailored to assist refugee mothers in learning the German language—a noble endeavor compounded by the challenges they face due to the absence of adequate childcare during classes.

A meaningful dialogue with Laura Schulz, a dedicated volunteer and coordinator at the association, illuminated the core objective of the project. The focus is on establishing a secure and harmonious environment where refugee children can receive proper care and entertainment while their mothers engage in language classes. The association, powered by a team of devoted volunteers, ensures a positive experience for the children, affording their mothers the opportunity to actively participate in classes facilitated by committed volunteers.

Uter Huber, one such volunteer teacher, conveyed immense satisfaction derived from helping individuals attain their language learning goals. She underscored the profound value of the enriching cultural exchange that adds depth and significance to the work. Students from Syria and Morocco, actively participating in this transformative initiative, have found it to be instrumental in not only understanding the German language but also integrating into German society.

The donation, gratefully received by Frau Schulz, will be judiciously allocated to cover the costs of B1 certificates for the students. Each certificate, an essential milestone in their language learning journey, incurs an approximate cost of 200 euros. Furthermore, a portion of the funds will be directed toward enhancing the intercultural and creative environment, fostering the holistic development of the young beneficiaries.

CARUSO takes great pride in contributing to such a meaningful cause, embodying the spirit of generosity and care during the festive season. Our commitment transcends mere corporate initiatives; it encompasses active support for projects that bring about positive change in the lives of individuals who may not be directly part of our daily interactions but hold equal importance in the fabric of our society. This End of Year, CARUSO, hand in hand with our cherished customers, becomes an agent of warmth, hope, and opportunities for a brighter future, collaborating with the ‘Mutterspache’ association to make a lasting impact on the community we serve.

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