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Tina Rauschenbach, our Head of Customer Experience, recently took an interview to understand better how IAM workshops work.

Repdate Workshop Booking Statement

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 “Approximately five of our daily bookings are registered via the online booking solution. We’re greatly invested in digitalization, as we believe it is the future and key to providing outstanding service to our customers.”- Bodo Scherer, Service Consultant, Gottlob Maier GmbH CARUSO is fervently committed to bringing digitalization to IAM workshops.

This insightful interaction centered around the current workshop processes and the potential integration of connected car data to amplify operational efficiency.

During the visit, it became apparent that the Gottlob Maier GmbH Workshop is not merely a traditional automotive service center; rather, it stands as a forward-thinking entity, well-prepared for the evolving landscape of the automotive industry. They manage approximately five appointments daily via an online booking solution.

This aligns with a 2017 study that disclosed 79% of customers prefer the ease of booking their car service online (

Bodo Scherer, serving as a Service Consultant at Gottlob Maier GmbH, echoed the workshop’s dedication to digitalization. Recognizing digitalization as the future, he emphasized its pivotal role in delivering exceptional service to customers.

If you’re interested, do let us know. We would be glad to introduce you to our modular end-to-end workshop solution including components like global workshop search, booking solution, and explain how telematic data can benefit you. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Sebastian Maier and Bodo Scherer for their amazing support, enlightening exchange, and open conversations.

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