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How would you reimagine the insurance of the future?

This is one of the topics of Zurich’s Innovation Championship. And what would be a better fit than creating a simpler and more convenient future for Zurich‘s customers with connected car data?

🎊 Great News!
First, we made it to the local round of the Zurich Innovation Championship Germany and soon after we made it through the German country selection!

That means out of nearly 💯+💯 applications from all over the world, we made it into the Top 5 of the national pre-selection for Germany. From those 5 pre-selected candidates just a few made it into the final round and we are one of them! We are so proud already but there is no rest yet. Now, all the local champions will pitch in the global round in March. But then we’ve reached the finish line!

Send us the best of luck and keep your fingers crossed! 🤞

😊 🎉Congrats also to Anagog and Wenalyze, and a big thanks to the jury Monika Schulze, Carsten Schildknecht, Horst Nussbaumer, Peter Stockhorst, Frank Färber, and Bernd O. Engelien for selecting us. Credit goes also to the whole Zurich team for their support, for example Tom Simon, Linda Ludwig, and Sören Jucikas.

How we prepare?

1️ Step: Absorb all information we get to prep

2 Step: 3 Minutes to show how connected car data can shake-up the insurance industry

3 Step: Deeply focus on Zurich’s business needs and their customers

4 Step: Demonstrate our CARUSO spirit

5 Step: Rock it! 🚀

Isn’t that exciting? One more time, we need all the support we can get from you! Your motivation will push us even further to win this challenge!

Stay tunned, more coming soon!
You can look for all the further details of the Zurich Innovation Championship here: