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We are feeling very happy since CARUSO is turning 5️⃣ and what a journey has it been so far! 🎉🎈 Time flies by and we can’t believe it has been half a decade already since our launching day on March 28th of 2017. 🙉

Great memories, lots of achievements & successes and last but definitely not least many fun moments within the CARUSO team and also with our customers, partners, and supporters 🥰 We are very grateful to have you in this journey!

But as usually they say, “the best is yet to come”. Nevertheless, we celebrated our anniversary properly and had an official team gathering on Monday the 28th of March! We would love to share some pivotal moments and impressions with you about CARUSO’s history until now, so keep on reading! 🤩

2022 – The sky is the limit!

Team Picture_CARUSO Anniversary_edited_smaller

A lot more to come, so stay tuned!

After having so many great experiences but also learnings in the past years at CARUSO, we are confident to say that 2022 awaits lots of surprises and new successes for us. Our commitment is to keep on working hard to deliver the best service to our clients and partners and stay true to the values that have been with us since the beggining in CARUSO. 2022 is just getting started so let’s see what exciting events this year brings us!

2021 – Growth

Caruso 5 Anniversary - 2021

In 2021 was our most successful year so far. We brought the Dataplace – our platform for connected car data –  again to another level and are happy to share some of our achievements and highlights from past year:

More coverage – with data from more than 15 vehicle brands our coverage and of connected car models and makes further increased.

Check out the details here:

More data – Check out the details here:

More recognition – we are still extremely proud and still feel very honored to have the received the German Mobility Award organized by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The CARUSO Dataplace was selected from more than 300 applicants as one of the ten winners of the “Germany – Land of Ideas” competition organized by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Check out the details here:

More collaborations – we love to at demonstrate the value of car data to our customers. A convincing test drive with did together with HUK-Coburg and Porsche for showing how data delivery works for a brand new all-electric Porsche Taycan – real car, real data, no powerpoints. Via the CARUSO data terminal, our own Christian Webel was able to monitor data delivery in real-time. What a great collaboration of all involved parties on that test drive.

Check out the details here:

More innovation – CARUSO became one of the founding shareholders of the Mobility Data Space (MDS). Together with BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz AG, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post und DHL, HERE Technologies, HUK-COBURG, and Volkswagen AG, we will make innovative scenarios a reality for a more sustainable, secure, and easier mobility future. At the ITS Hamburg 2021, Jens Knodel received great feedback after he showcased the value-add of our use case on “sustainable usage of plug-in hybrid vehicles”.

Check out the details here:

More knowledge sharing – sharing is caring and we serve the connected car community by delivering facts, insights, and recommendations. Our Connected Vehicle Field test (CVFT) provided tremendous learnings for all parties involved based on connected car data collected over a duration of 6 months including in-depth quantitative analysis of more than 66 million data points and qualitative findings from structured interview sessions with 320 participants of the CVFT.

Check out the details here:

2020 – Multi-brand

Caruso 5 Anniversary - 2020

Car Data – Boost your innovations

Our mission is to deliver trusted access to all connected cars. And in 2020 we made great progress into being the better platform for car data. Our promise of being multi-brand became true with more and more vehicles manufacturer being available on our platform.

Also we released a completely reworked version of our marketplace. This evolution not only incorporates feedback from our dear customers but also reflects the huge amount of achievements we accomplished in the past years. We make sure that car data is easily accessible and support our partners and customer in their journey to data-driven business.

And as we were entering the COVID-19 pandemic we showed that we also deliver in REMOTE. Hundreds of participants joined our webinars about the latest developments of the telematic data market and the access to OEM data through CARUSO. Participants were able to learn which OEM provides which data items and how to turn ideas into innovative use cases.

Our experts – Norbert Dohmen, Gwenael de Calan, Marcus Hennecke, Jens Knodel, Tina Rauschenbach, Christian Webel – are renown and well-recognized in the connected car sector. And, of course, using their expertise, they are always more than happy to support you in your journey along from telematics data to scaling business cases.

Interested in connected car data? Then just sign-up right now and boost your innovations by telematics data.

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2019 – Neutrality

Caruso 5 Anniversary - 2019

Neutrality – By Shareholdership

At CARUSO, we are working hard on delivering value to our customers and partners. ✨ Our platform provides access to vehicle data based on the FRAND principle – Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory. 🤝

Open, Fair, Reasonable and non-discriminatory access to in-vehicle data across different brands.

Our neutrality is reflected in our shareholder structure, which represents a healthy potpourri of the automotive industry. Our founding shareholder was TecAlliance GmbH with the initial investment and the support of its excellent shareholders of automotive suppliers. Since then, another nine well known international industry players joined in having a say in how we shape the mobility ecosystem with our strategy, our business model, and our platform.

TecAlliance | ATR International AG | CARAT Systementwicklungs-und Marketing GmbH & Co.KG | DVSE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR DATENVERARBEITUNG, SERVICE UND ENTWICKLUNG MBH | Eucon Group | global one automotive GmbH | LKQ Corporation | MOBIVIA | OSRAM | WM SE

We are thankful of the support our shareholders gave throughout the years! 🙏 And we believe that in order to build up a sustainable ecosystem its diversity, openness & neutrality must be reflected in the shareholder structure. And this structure is what distinguishes CARUSO from others and makes us truly neutral.

2018 – Dataplace

Caruso 5 Anniversary - 2018

Car Data – At The Core Of Our Hearts

“From Connected Cars to Connected Business.” – our company motto says it all. CARUSO is THE marketplace for car data. Data from connected vehicles is the foundation for many upcoming mobility services and innovative disruptions to come for mobility. With many vehicle manufacturers being available via our platform, our expertise clearly is connected car data. 🚘

This is why CARUSO has taken a first step towards establishing a standardized data catalog in 2018. This catalog covers all data items currently seen as relevant for mobility use cases – more than 500 Data Items named by various players in the mobility domain.

Also, the data catalog was the basis for defining a Minimum Viable Data Set of 42 most requested data items we did together with our partners and customers. Thanks to  the minimum viable data set has also been shared in the political arena in Brussels.

You are also interested in Connected Car Data? 🧐 Then check out our data study here:

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2017 – Start Up

Caruso 5 Anniversary - 2017

CARUSO Go Live & Homebase Mannheim, Germany

Founded in March 2017, we started working on the Dataplace, our platform for connected car data. We also were busy in ramping up our CARUSO team and eventually found a homebase in Mannheim, Germany.

The GO LIVE event of our data delivery platform took place on November 16, 2017. We had a blast demonstrating data delivery from connected cars. We are still more than happy to have had so many of our first-hour customers, partners and supporters being in the audience back then.

Alexander Haid | Hamid Derakhshanmanesch | Joachim Herwig | Jürgen Mehlis | Hans-Peter Meyen | Kjetil Lassen | Peter Liggesmeyer | Matthias Naab | Thomas Rösch | Marcus Sacre | Peter Wagner

Thank you once again for being with us on stage that special day. We still do remember you the fun we had that day!

And since our GO LIVE we just keep doing the same every day: we are working hard to unleash innovation by being the better platform for car data.