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We were delighted to participate in the "Innovation Demo Day" hosted by the Zurich Insurance Group.

Zurich Innovation Demo Day

Check out a video about the event here 👇 (Find CARUSO at Min. 42:00)


In September, we were delighted to participate in the “Innovation Demo Day” hosted by the Zurich Insurance Group. The event showcased the remarkable outcomes of a rigorous four-month accelerator program for the 12 winning initiatives from the fourth edition of the Zurich Innovation Championship.

A special acknowledgment goes to the startups that presented their initiatives and the esteemed executive judges representing various program categories: Sierra Signorelli (CEO Commercial Insurance), Conny Kalcher (Group Chief Customer Officer), Jack Howell (CEO Zurich Global Ventures), and Alison Martin (CEO EMEA and Bank Distribution). Their guidance and expertise were invaluable in this journey towards innovation.

Our Managing Director, Norbert Dohmen, was thrilled to be part of the “Insurance unleashed” Panel discussion, along with Juan Beer (CEO, Zurich Switzerland), Sabine VanderLinden (Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Alchemy Crew), and Omeed Mehrinfar (Managing Director EMEA, Plug’n’Play). Their insights and collaboration play a crucial role in propelling the innovation landscape forward between insurers and startups.

The Zurich Innovation Championship 2023 has been a testament to the commitment to fostering collaboration between insurers and the startup ecosystem. We are thrilled to see these initiatives progressing towards local and global implementation!

Zurich Insurance’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions is evident in its strategic integration of CARUSO’s connected car data. This initiative addresses challenges in claims management, fostering efficiency, transparency, and real-time insights. The emphasis on continuous improvement, demonstrated through AI optimization and active participation in innovation initiatives like the “Innovation Demo Day,” solidifies Zurich’s position as a global insurance leader driving industry advancements for an unparalleled customer experience and long-term retention. The success of the Zurich Innovation Championship 2023 highlights their dedication to collaborative progress in the insurance and startup ecosystem.

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