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Audi Packages CARUSO Marketplace

Press Release

Munich, October 2021

CARUSO is happy to announce that in cooperation with AUDI AG a try-and-buy data flat rate for Audi vehicles is now available on the CARUSO marketplace.

Interested companies can implement their mobility solutions based on live Audi data at a fixed price without risk until the end of 2022.

The data platform will provide 100% GDPR-compliant access to personal data from Audi brand vehicles to authorized third parties, such as insurance companies or fleets. With this, another brand of the Volkswagen Group is connected via CARUSO.

“We are looking forward to bring our relationship with CARUSO, which has been in existence for almost two years, to the next level. An innovative pricing model creates fair and transparent conditions in this new business field for all market participants."

Thomas GeigerProject Manager Extended Vehicle AUDI AG

The price of the flat rate depends solely on the size of the company or the number of customers and is therefore 100% fair. For startups, for example, the data is available over the entire period for just 900 EUR; for an unlimited number of data requests.

The try-and-buy data flat rate for Audi vehicles applies to the following data packages:

  • Pay-as-you-drive (PAYD): This data package contains the current mileage and the parking time. This data can be used for a usage-based insurance.
  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL): This data package is available exclusively for insurance companies and contains information about accident events, the severity of the accident and the location of the impact. The data is available via push notifications.
  • Vehicle Status: This package contains information about the current vehicle status. This includes, among other things, the status of the doors or the sliding roof.

“By means of this flat rate, we have set the prerequisites for further simplifying the access to vehicle data and lowering the entry barrier for data-driven business models even further,” explains Norbert Dohmen, Managing Director of Caruso GmbH.

CARUSO has been cooperating with AUDI AG since the end of 2019 on the 100% GDPR-compliant delivery of vehicle-generated data. Alongside Porsche, Audi is now the second vehicle manufacturer in the VW group to offer a data flat rate via CARUSO. As a next step,  the cooperation will extend to also include other group brands.

Customers can receive vehicle-generated data regardless of the manufacturer via our harmonized interface. Furthermore, step by step more OEMs will be connected. This minimizes the integration and maintenance effort on the consumer side tremendously since only one interface to CARUSO has to be implemented and maintained.